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As owner of CB Translation and Research Services, Claudio Bringas has been translating since 2009 and digging through electronic and print resources to find information for library customers since 2007. He is also an Associate Translator with the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA) and as an independent researcher, a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP). Claudio has completed work on many different types of documents including short stories, as well as birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, driver’s license, educational transcripts, medical documents, financial statements, etc. from all over Latin America as well as from Spain. Claudio has had personal experience living in South America for over 14 years giving him first-hand knowledge of the Latin American legal and educational environment.

Work Experience

Claudio has been a professional librarian since 2007 and a translator since 2009. He has demonstrated excellent research and translating skills and the ability to answer inquiries in a timely and courteous manner. Past work experience and university studies have given him particular expertise in areas such as Business, Health Sciences, as well as Government and Social Services.

Claudio is able to translate and conduct research in English and Spanish languages allowing him to support both local as well as Latin American/Spanish clients.


Claudio has a bachelor’s and graduate degrees from the University of Alberta (Bachelor of Arts, Master’s in Library & Information Studies, Master’s in Business Administration), a Master’s Degree in International Policy from Staffordshire University, U.K, in addition to further graduate studies from the University of Salamanca, Spain and 4 years of undergraduate studies in Chile.

Volunteering experience

Claudio has also volunteered with Edmonton Immigrant Services Association’s Language Bank since 2011, translating as well as proofreading translations of all kinds of government, educational and legal documents used for immigration purposes.

Welcome to CB Translation and Research Services, an Edmonton based company providing Spanish – English and English – Spanish translations and information research services in both languages. 

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