Vital records and identification

Precision is crucial when using vital records and ID documents for legal and immigration purposes. Quality translation services are available for the following documents:

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Divorce Certificate

Driver’s licence

Record of driving


Educational documents

When presenting your academic accomplishments in a different country from where you studied, you will require a credential evaluation, and before this can happen you will need to translate your foreign credentials. We offer accurate and fast translations of the following educational documents:

Academic Transcripts

Bachelor’s Degrees

Postgraduate Degrees (Master’s & PhD)
High School and University Diplomas
Professional Awards and Accomplishments
Elementary School Transcripts
Middle School Transcripts


When it comes to medical documents, you can’t rely on machine translations. We provide quality translations of the following types of documents:
Medical Records

Medication Instructions

Vaccination Records
Hospital Intake Forms
Consent and Discharge Forms
Medical Marketing and Communications
Medical Articles

Business documents and manuals

Increase the productivity of your business by providing accurate and precise information. Translation services are available for the following documents:

Employee Manuals and Human Resources Documents
Product Descriptions
Financial Statements and Balance Sheets
Advertising, Marketing Materials & Web content

Short stories/articles

Are you interested in having your stories reach a wider audience? According to, there are more than 450 million native speakers of Spanish and it is the third most studied language in the world. These are two great reasons for you to translate your stories into Spanish language.

Welcome to CB Translation and Research Services, an Edmonton based company providing ATIA Certified Spanish – English Translations, as well as English – Spanish translations and information research services in both languages.

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